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Raken Technology Limited is a joint venture built by both LG Group from Korea and Amtram Group from Taiwan on September 24th, 2008, at No.278, Mayun Road, SND, Suzhou. Its area reaches 125208 m2, whose construction area is about 60000m2. The 1st phase investment had already been over 20 million USD. The 2nd and 3rd phase is in a heat building.

LG Group builds in 1947, which covers electronics, chemical and communication service. Currently it is the 3rd largest company in Korea. He has 44 sub companies, 300 agencies and subordinate enterprises. Its product contains IT product, LG mobile phones, LG family electricity appliances, LG audio and video products. Through continuous reputation improvement and active marketing, LG electronics sales amount has a stable increasing progress every year, especially the LCD which ranks high all over the world.

Amtram Technology Limited is one of the listed companies. They thrives in extra-big size LCD TV, PDP and multi-media products with the spirit of concentration and innovation since 1994. On the aspect of LCD manufacture, the production amount is over 300 million units, whose value is over 10 billion RMB. With the flexible product strategy and good R&D capablity, they commit themselves on  customer exploit in Europe, US, Japan and other countries. OEM/ODM company creates win- win with their customers. Amtran company has the competitive price, focus on both quality and brand image. The support from its partner and the pride of their products is the decisive opinion of Amtram.

Raken Technology Limited is the joint venture of both two powerful partner. They maily focus on the more advanced and 1st grade products on LCM and LCD TV. They serve for their customers, like Vizio and LG.  Raken provides good working and living environment for employees. They provides on job trainings and promotion opportunities in order to reach the objective of both growth.

We are inviting you to share a more successful and brighter future together with you.

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